Access to NetAnatomy

Access to the website NetAnatomy is only available through an institutional subscription. If you are reading this message then your institution does not currently have a subscription; individual subscriptions are not available. If you believe you have received this message in error, please send an email to and identify your institution.

The content available at NetAnatomy addresses three anatomical areas, i.e. Radiographic Anatomy, Cross-Sectional Anatomy, and Gross Anatomy. Samples of each can be viewed by linking to the sister website . Qualifying institutions can receive 30 days of free trial access to all of NetAnatomy in order to fully evaluate the entire website. Institutions interested in purchasing a site license to NetAnatomy, obtaining a free trial subscription, or seeking additional information should send an email to with the name and contact information of an institutional representative.

If you are a student and your institution does not have a subscription and after viewing the sample files you feel your education would benefit from access to NetAnatomy, we suggest that you contact a representative of your institutional library and ask that they review the website.